TMJ & Sleep Apnea

TMJ & Sleep Apnea

What is Sleep Apnea?

During sleep, the muscles in the mouth, jaw, and throat naturally relax. However, for those who have obstructive sleep apnea, these muscles become so relaxed that they collapse and obstruct the airway, making it difficult to breath and commonly stopping breathing for 10 or more seconds. The decreased flow of oxygen caused by sleep apnea usually results in sudden, repeated awakenings throughout the night – sometimes hundreds of times – and an overall poor quality of sleep.

What Is Sleep Apnea
Once Diagnosed, Sleep Apnea Sufferers


Once diagnosed, sleep apnea sufferers are often prescribed a CPAP machine, which stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure. It delivers a stream of compressed air through a plastic tube connected to a nasal pillow, nose mask, or full-face mask. The air pressure helps maintain the airway open, making normal breathing possible.

While CPAP is widely considered the “gold standard” for treating sleep apnea, it is estimated that only around 40% of patients actually wear their CPAP masks because they can be:

Custom Oral Applicances can be made by our team if you are having trouble tolerating your CPAP.

Custom Oral Appliances

Our team can fit you with a custom oral appliance suited to your specific needs. In most cases, custom appliances can be used instead of your CPAP for everyday use to treat sleep apnea. Alternatively, oral appliances can be used for travel when you are not able to bring your CPAP along, like when camping to travel outside the country.

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Oral Appliance Img New2

MicrO₂® Sleep and Snore Device

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Elastic Mandibular Advancement (EMA) Appliance

TMJ & Sleep Disorders

There is often a correlation between TMJ disorders (including grinding and clenching) and sleep disorders. Sleep apnea can increase your risk for many health conditions. Schedule a consultation to discuss your symptoms to see if you have underlying sleep issues that may bee causing your TMJ symptoms.

Tmj & Sleep Disorders