Exams and Cleanings

Dental exams and cleanings are part of your preventative care routine. They help keep your teeth clean and free of calculus and tartar while checking for signs of decay, loose fillings, crowns, and other issues. It is vitally important that you come into our office here at Perspective Dentistry, located in Austin, TX,  to have a comprehensive examination and cleaning done. We provide these services in a relaxed, fun atmosphere for the entire family.

Female dental assistant showing dental x-rays during an exam at Perspective Dental
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Why are Dental Exams and Cleanings Important?

Because most of your oral health starts and continues at home, a home care consultation can help to put a stop to bad habits and to get you taking better care of your teeth at home. This type of consultation is ideal for everyone in the family, even kids and teens who may not be taking good care of their teeth and need help with figuring out how to brush and floss correctly. Some of the benefits of making use of a home care consultation include:

  • Learn proper oral hygiene techniques
  • Get valuable product recommendations
  • Get tips on how to properly use the products
  • Find out what might be causing your dental-related problems

How Often to Have an Exam and a Cleaning

Dental professionals recommend having a dental exam and cleaning done every six months. To make it even more convenient for you, we can pre-schedule your bi-annual appointments so that you can come in and have the work done without having to wait for an appointment. We will call you before the appointment so that you can make preparations to come in. At Perspective Dentistry, we are able to perform both regular and deep cleanings in order to provide you with a clean, healthy smile for life. Dr. Smitherman will perform the examination so that you can be advised on procedures that may be needed as well as care recommendations as needed to keep your smile looking its absolute best throughout the year.

If you need an exam and cleaning, contact us today!