Children’s Fillings

Children’s Fillings

Children’s .

For the vast majority of children, getting dental fillings is just a normal part of growing up. Because kids don’t always brush and floss thoroughly, they’re more prone to developing cavities. And once cavities form, it’s important to have them filled right away – before they have a chance to grow larger. Dr. Smitherman and her staff of trained dental professionals are accustomed to working with children of all ages, and dental fillings is one of the many children’s dental services she offers to her Austin, TX area patients.

Reasons to Visit Perspective Dentistry for Children’s Fillings

Reasons To Visit Austin Family Dentistry For Children’s Fillings
If Your Child Has A Cavity In A Baby Tooth

Why Fill Baby Teeth?

If your child has a cavity in a baby tooth, it might be tempting to simply ignore it. After all, eventually your child will lose his or her baby teeth when the permanent teeth begin to erupt. But there are several important reasons why you should have cavities filled in baby teeth: