Cavity Prevention

Children are more prone to developing cavities than adults. This is often due to their eating habits as well as their dental hygiene. Unfortunately, many children who experience decay in one or more of their baby teeth will need to have the teeth pulled. Permanent teeth will need to be filled with a filling material, compromising the tooth early on in life. For this reason, cavity prevention is preferred and will set your child up for a lifetime of healthy teeth.

Ashley Smitherman checks a Female patient for cavities at Perspective Dental

What is Cavity Prevention?

Cavity prevention done in our office involves several different steps, but the goal is to prevent decay in the child’s teeth, whether these are baby teeth or permanent teeth. Some of the methods of cavity prevention include:

  • Fluoride treatments
  • Sealants
  • Guidance on home care
  • Product recommendations
  • Parent guidance

When combined, all of these methods of cavity prevention help to retain the child’s smile so that they have beautiful teeth for life. It is important that you bring your child for regular bi-annual appointments so that we are able to provide them with this treatment.

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Why Cavity Prevention is So Important

Cavity prevention is important to retaining your child’s smile. Once a tooth has been subject to decay, the decay will need to be removed and replaced with a filling. This obviously compromises the tooth, taking away from its natural strength and resiliency. Plus, children are more prone to developing cavities because of poor dental hygiene habits as well as the types of foods they eat and drinks they consume. Preventing cavities is much easier and better than having to take care of them. For this reason, we advise all parents to discuss cavity prevention methods with us and to set up routine dental appointments for the child who is in need of this type of care. You will find that by preventing cavities in your child’s teeth, they are more likely to grow up with a beautiful, healthy smile that they can enjoy for the rest of their life.

If your child is in need of cavity prevention, contact us today!